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what does it mean to charter flights

What Does It Mean to Charter Flights?

Other · 5 min read

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to tell an airline when and where you want to fly and have that wish fulfilled?

Jan 16, 2023
types of air cargo

Types of Air Cargo

Other · 5 min read

Air freight is distinguished by its fast and secure delivery and particularly by the exceptionally large shipments that it carries.

Jan 12, 2023
james wyatt

Aeroclass instructor James Wyatt: The world is your oyster with a career in aviation

Instructors · 2 min read

Aviation became part of James’ life from a very young age. As Wyatt himself says aviation ‘was an interest and a hobby long before it became a career’.

Jan 12, 2023
volodymyr bilotkach

Aeroclass instructor Volodymyr Bilotkach: Kyiv’s central railway station and a career in aviation

Instructors · 2 min read

He jokes, ‘you know how teenagers tend to have posters in their bedroom, well mine was the schedule for Kyiv’s central railway station’.

Jan 11, 2023
gordon griffiths

Aeroclass instructor Gordon Griffiths: If you enjoy your work, you don’t really have to work

Instructors · 2 min read

Gordon Griffiths’ career in aviation has been built from the ground up over many years of meticulous work.

Jan 11, 2023
brendan noonan

Aeroclass instructor Brendan Noonan: One of the first people to board an A380

Instructors · 2 min read

Brendan Noonan, an aviation industry veteran in Learning and Development, decided that he wanted to work in aviation at just 16 years old.

Jan 09, 2023
deborah lawrie

Aeroclass instructor Deborah Lawrie: From a dedicated 16-year-old to an expert in safety

Instructors · 2 min read

Aviation came into Deborah Lawrie’s life quite by accident and she rushes to assure there is no pun intended.

Jan 05, 2023
gate agent

What Does a Gate Agent Do?

Airports · 5 min read

Although a gate agent's job might seem like a self explanatory position, it entails a lot more than you can imagine.

Dec 20, 2022
flying farmer

Flying Farmer: Legendary Charlie Kulp

Pilots · 3 min read

Charlie Kulp, the man more commonly known as 'the flying farmer', was an aerobatic pilot whose routines were beloved by people all over the country.

Dec 16, 2022
is the airport busy on christmas eve

Is the Airport Busy on Christmas Eve?

Airports · 5 min read

Travel during the holiday season may be daunting. As if the winter holidays aren’t stressful enough, many people also have to fly during the busiest week of the year. It is no wonder many travelers plan out their trips well in advance in an attempt to avoid the major rush. With Covid-19 no longer being […]

Dec 13, 2022
aviation movies

Top 12 Aviation Movies For Every Aviator

Other · 10 min read

The list is useful for both people looking for a heart-wrenching historical drama and for those who wish to have a fun night in.

Dec 08, 2022
aviation internships

Aviation Internships: Top 5 Companies and Tips

Other · 9 min read

Internships in the aerospace industry are exceptionally sought-after. They provide an invaluable opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a field of your choosing.

Dec 02, 2022

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