The New Face of Aviation Education

As is widely acknowledged, the field of aviation e-learning has to adapt to ongoing innovations and shortened human attention span, along with the consequences of recent industry upheavals due to COVID-19.

“We all know how boring it can be to sit in front of the computer and watch a webinar for 4-5 hours. People’s attention span has become shorter and the education industry has to adapt to this”, says Sigitas Kaciusis, Aeroclass Head of Business Development. He and a dedicated Aeroclass team are finalising an advanced new aviation education platform designed for the modern aviation professional who wants to learn fast, effectively, and at a time and place that suits them most.

Sigitas’ passion for the aviation industry began through the enjoyment of waiting for flights, along with watching movies like “The Terminal”, “Flight” or “Sully”. Yet, he notes that starting a career in aviation was rather unexpected.

Throughout his long years of experience, Sigitas shares that the most crucial lessons he learned are that you always have to expect the unexpected and, fortunately, that crises do come and go.

A crisis such as COVID-19 has left its visible marks on the aviation industry. Yet, the Aeroclass business professional foresees opportunities for great change. Sigitas Kaciusis is sure that the aero industry, including e-learning platforms, will be pushed to its limits to discover innovations and new ways in which people learn and study.

As is generally acknowledged, aviation is decidedly more unpredictable and competitive than any other global industry. However, it is widely predicted that aviation startups will see a marked spike in the post-Covid-19 world. Aeroclass will prove itself as being of immense value for such companies, allowing them to train new teams and new personnel more efficiently. For this reason, aviation e-learning systems have to adapt to constant change and must continually strive to improve the services they offer.

Sigitas speaks enthusiastically about their newest Aeroclass e-learning program, designed to teach aviation soft skills in a new and modern manner, and one that enhances the whole aviation learning experience. The platform will allow industry professionals to leverage their knowledge and add value to every sector in the world of aviation. It will empower these industry professionals to increase their visibility and elevate their influence to new heights. The innovative approach is one of the great examples of turning outdated ways of learning and teaching into something thrilling and perfectly suited for the modern professional who value their time.

In the competitive field of aviation education, Sigitas emphasizes that “When you try to sell something or start a new partnership, your main goal is to help the client improve their numbers. Your solution must have a clear value, expressed by easily understandable metrics, e.g. did our solution help to improve the client’s employee satisfaction, help to save on costs, improve the retention rate, or skills level?”  As an aviation expert, he believes that making sure your business adds value to the industry will increase the possibilities for growth and expansion.

Addressing the effectiveness of current aviation training processes, the Aeroclass Head of Business Department shares that only 28% of aviation HR professionals agree on the efficacy of existing aviation training. Subsequently, the main aim of the Aeroclass e-learning platform is to create a solution and double that number with a solution that is both consumer-facing and understands the anytime, anywhere approach to learning.

“Our main challenge will be to help industry professionals improve their skills, reduce the employee retention rate, and make the recruitment process easier so that newcomers could learn things faster and more easily,” says the director. This unique approach to learning in aviation distinguishes the Aeroclass e-learning platform from its competitors.