Aeroclass instructor James Wyatt: The world is your oyster with a career in aviation

Instructors · 2 min read · Jan 12, 2023
james wyatt

Aviation became part of James’ life from a very young age. As Wyatt himself says aviation ‘was an interest and a hobby long before it became a career’. James recalls going airplane spotting to the airports on weekends with his parents. He was completely fascinated by the mechanics behind the aircraft.

A childhood hobby started turning into a professional career in 2001 when he was hired by Lufthansa Cargo. He managed to build his impressive career from an entry-level position, working in a customer service role. Wyatt went from taking cargo bookings to becoming the team leader of the department in just a couple of months. The quick progression continued and in just a few years James was given the opportunity to take over the responsibility of aircraft handling.

Wyatt’s successful career could be attributed to his desire to work in the specific aviation field of air cargo. Although he notes that this field is not generally the most popular one, for James ‘air cargo and logistics was always the interesting part [of aviation]’.

Although his career was very fast-tracked, he emphasizes the importance of attending the Lufthansa Aviation Training academy. While there, James got core operational experience, he learned all about aircraft and ramp handling, dangerous goods, security, weight balance, and special commodities. Straight after finishing the academy, Wyatt got the opportunity to travel around the world, visit numerous locations across the airline network, and gained invaluable hands-on experience handling aircraft and cargo in warehouses.

Aircraft being loaded with cargo.

During James’ impressive career, there have been many note-worthy achievements, but one stands out more than the others. The involvement in the establishment of Aerologic Airlines is remembered by James as the most fascinating endeavor. Although James notes that the process was challenging, having had a strict time schedule, and having to travel all around the world to oversee everything personally, he sees it as the most rewarding professional experience. As James himself put it ‘There was nothing better than seeing an aircraft come into a new location for the first time and be handled safely within time, departing again with a good quality of service.’

Since 2019 Wyatt has been working on his own consulting enterprise. It has not been easy either, considering the pandemic and the Ukraine crisis. Setting up an independent company in the current climate had more to do with survival than prosperity. James’ private company had to shift its focus to the future, he has been continuing to grow his network and investing in collaborative partnerships.

Talking about the characteristics necessary in the profession, he mentions resilience. In an industry such as aviation, where there are many unavoidable crises, being resilient is key. Other important character traits James mentions are being open-minded and hard-working. The instructor admits that the aviation industry is demanding, but also highlights that if someone has the drive and determination, working in air cargo is a sensational opportunity. Employees get to travel around the world, work in different companies and explore their abilities in different areas, as James says ‘the world is your oyster’ should you choose the air cargo industry.

For those who want to learn more about air cargo, Aeroclass has a course taught by James Wyatt himself. Learning virtually provides many advantages, among which, according to James, is the flexibility of studying on your own time and from your own home. Listen to James discussing digital learning possibilities, his course, and much more in our Expert Talk available for free. After all, as James so eloquently put it ‘E-learning is here to stay’.

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