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Onboaring for Aviation Specialists

Accelerated Onboarding

Speed up your new hires’ development into fully productive members of your team. Our carefully structured courses enable them to absorb and apply new information quickly and effectively.

Video Courses for Aviation Specialists

Tailored to Goals

Build the skills needed to drive business growth. With our customized courses, packages and learning paths, you can address specific performance issues using a learner-centric approach.

Aviation Training for Companies

Case-Based Learning

Enable your team to see different perspectives with our real-life case studies. This includes making decisions using imperfect information, replicating real industry conditions.

Aviation Digital Training

Organizational Success

Enable your organization to adapt to changing market conditions by reskilling your team, alighting their developmental goals with those of your business for increased commitment and productivity.

Aviation Training Instructors

World Class Instructors

Learn from industry leaders with decades of expertise. Our instructors are drawn from the biggest aviation companies and universities world-wide.

Virtual Classes for Aviation

High-Quality Content

Every video course, virtual class and online training program has been carefully researched and prepared, and they are all presented in the highest quality.

Digital Training for Aviation

A Range of Formats

From microlearning videos to workshops to webinars, our platform offers multiple formats for learning, all in one aviation knowledge hub.

Upskill Reskill Aviation

Continuous Progress

Our courses move your career forward. They are oriented towards specific industry needs, so simply upskill, then hit your KPIs and become a better employee.

Selected Topics for Your Team

Our suggested courses in various categories aim to guide your team’s learning journey, ensuring they gain the knowledge and skills they need for specific stages of their professional development.

Upon completing our courses, participants will gain the expertise to:

  • Outline the Safety Management System (SMS) framework and identify its core components;
  • Discover effective methods to enhance compliance and standards in SMS training;
  • Craft strategies to mitigate risks within production and design management systems;
  • Identify various Human Factors topics that could lead to safety incidents.

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Newcomer onboarding: Airports

Upon completing our courses, participants will gain the expertise to:

  • Understand the interaction between the airport operator and the stakeholders;
  • Identify key aspects of aircraft structure and systems, including the role all team members play in keeping an aircraft serviceable and earning revenue;
  • Understand the fundamental components of the industry standard Safety Management System and its application in a ground handling organization;
  • Define the commercial and operational benefits of a greener industry.
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Onboarding Courses for Airports

Upon completing our courses, participants will gain the expertise to:

  • Understand and articulate the significance of leasing and financial markets within the context of aircraft financing;
  • Skillfully negotiate the terms and conditions of aircraft lease agreements;
  • Identify and distinguish the responsibilities and obligations of lessors and lessees;
  • Analyze and evaluate the accounting practices and residual values of aircraft engines and airframes, enabling informed comparisons.
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Dr. Donal Hanley Royal Aeronautical Society
“You don’t need to be a pilot or have any previous experience with aviation to take Aeroclass course. You just need curiosity and the desire to learn.”

Meet Your Instructors

International Experts with experience at the biggest industry players and universities world-wide.

Donal Hanley, Professor, Aircraft Finance Professional
Aleks Popovich, Senior Management Executive
Deborah Lawrie, Expert in Aviation Safety Investigations
James Wyatt, General Manager of aeroconcept
Ricardo Pilon, Chief AI Strategy Officer
Céline Hourcade, Founder and Managing Director of Change Horizon
Dinaz Zaq, RM and Pricing Consultant
Firas Sallam, Aviation Safety, Quality & Training Expert

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Learner Stories

98% of learners would highly recommend Aeroclass
Find out what they have to say:

Thank you Aeroclass for the wonderful training sessions on Safety Management Systems and Safety Management Systems Train the Trainer for SriLankan Airlines. We value the knowledge imparted and experience shared by the instructor. Furthermore, I am delighted about the professionalism of the Team who facilitated this training.

Amila Fernando Training and Capability Development Manager (Aircraft Maintenance) at SriLankan Airlines Ltd.

The training we received thanks to Aeroclass was a very well tailored according to our special needs. Such a training was a requirement of EASA and Turkish DGCA’s Part-147 regulations and with the special care of the Aeroclass team and instructor Mr. Jörg Troester, it fulfilled the requirement very well. Thanks to all once again who put every effort to make this happen!

Özge Uslu Maintenance Training Manager at BE AERO

I would like to thank you Aeroclass for conducting the “Enhancing Airport Route Development Strategies and Best Practices” Virtual Class. The course was well organized and customized to our airport & organization context.  Gavin Eccles is an experienced instructor in the airport & airline industry, he shared his experience and expertise throughout the class as well as giving feedback/recommendations to the group assignment.

Nidlawan Saisakha Phd. Director Human Resources at U-Tapao International Aviation Co.

As a Chief Communications Officer, I have recently had the opportunity to watch several video courses on leadership and communication, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and relevance of the content. These courses have undeniably enriched my management skills, providing me with valuable insights and introducing me to new perspectives that I am eager to put into practice. I highly recommend these video courses to every manager seeking to gain a competitive edge in the industry and enhance their overall management abilities.

Silvija Jakiene Chief Communications Officer at Avia Solutions Group

Aircraft leasing is a complex subject, but the virtual class are very well structured and the examples very appropriate to assimilate the matter. Instructor Donal Hanley is excellent at setting in the certain basic concepts that allow assimilating other more advanced concepts and understanding the exact scope of the clauses of the leasing contract. He is a true professional who transmits his own experience in an enjoyable way. In short, great value for money.

Irene Sánchez del Río Aviation Practicing Lawyer and founder member of LEI ABOGADOS

The onboarding video course package was a great choice for our company, and I highly recommend it. The courses allowed our new hires get up to step in into their roles faster and more efficiently than ever before. By giving them a clear overview of the industry, the courses helped the newcomers hit the ground running and start contributing to our company’s success early: by talking the same aviation language, using abbreviations or understanding the process sequence. This has increased our team’s productivity and the new hires’ confidence.

Inga Staniune Chief HR officer at Avia Solutions Group

From my experience with participating in trainings related to aircraft leasing aspects, I have found ´Aircraft Financing and Leasing Fundamentals´ 3-day course to stand out and be in fully measure efficient and bringing worthy added knowledge values. I would definitely recommend this course to those seeking to strengthen the understanding of the big picture and context of aviation lease/financing fundamental aspects, and will look for opportunity to also participate in other courses presented by AeroClass.

Valentin Ivanov VP Technical at Magnetic Leasing

Aeroclass is giving our colleagues a new way to learn, giving them more freedom to decide where and when to do it. I’m certain this type of digital training will become a big part of employees’ personal development and I recommend it to all aviation specialists.

Andrius Petravicius Head of Legal Unit at FL Technics

I have found the video course “Aircraft Financing and Leasing Fundamentals” by Donal Hanley useful and interesting. All the modules were very well explained by using real life scenarios, which made it easier to understand and apply to my own background.

Diana Munteanu Finance Business Partner at Magma Aviation