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Aeroclass Products

Choose from a variety of products we offer:

Aeroclass Plus brings you an unrivaled digital learning experience which is tailored to be equally educational and entertaining. Meet top-notch specialists, experienced scholars and well-known personalities who contributed to shaping the global aviation as we know it today. Get familiar with the most topical issues discussed by industry’s experts by exploring our webinars, Expert Talks and short courses.

We will compile an affordable bundle of courses according to your team’s specific needs. Choose from a wide variety of topics, ranging from aviation law, operations, airport management to safety, security and others. This is the best option to train larger groups of newcomers, who can choose their own learning pace.

An opportunity to get instant feedback from your instructor, switch from group to individual assessments, participate in collective assignments, explore the most relevant real-life case studies and much more – all in engaging and interactive live sessions. Virtual Classes present a great networking opportunity for all participants.

Online training programs are focused on both intermediate and advanced learners who are in need of complex training with both live sessions and pre-recorded content. During the extensive training program, which is scheduled to last from four to eight weeks, individual and group work and the examination of real-world business cases is offered – with all the necessary feedback and follow up.

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Client Stories

93% of learners would highly recommend Aeroclass
Find out what they have to say:

From my experience with participating in trainings related to aircraft leasing aspects, I have found ´Aircraft Financing and Leasing Fundamentals´ 3-day course to stand out and be in fully measure efficient and bringing worthy added knowledge values. I would definitely recommend this course to those seeking to strengthen the understanding of the big picture and context of aviation lease/financing fundamental aspects, and will look for opportunity to also participate in other courses presented by AeroClass.

Valentin Ivanov VP Technical at Magnetic Leasing

Aircraft leasing is a complex subject, but the virtual class are very well structured and the examples very appropriate to assimilate the matter. Instructor Donal Hanley is excellent at setting in the certain basic concepts that allow assimilating other more advanced concepts and understanding the exact scope of the clauses of the leasing contract. He is a true professional who transmits his own experience in an enjoyable way. In short, great value for money.

Irene Sánchez Aviation Practicing Lawyer and founder member of LEI ABOGADOS

Aeroclass is giving our colleagues a new way to learn, giving them more freedom to decide where and when to do it. I’m certain this type of digital training will become a big part of employees’ personal development and I recommend it to all aviation specialists.

Andrius Petravičius Head of Legal Unit at FL Technics

I have found the video course “Aircraft Financing and Leasing Fundamentals” by Donal Hanley useful and interesting. All the modules were very well explained by using real life scenarios, which made it easier to understand and apply to my own background.

Diana Munteanu Finance Business Partner at Magma Aviation

The ability for people to be able to customize and ease their learning experience is what Aeroclass offers.

Hector Sandoval Effective Leadership Specialist

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