Ensure Your Organization’s Compliance with the SMS Framework and Applicability as Defined in ICAO Annex 19

Meet Your Compliance Deadline with Confidence

The EU regulatory framework continues to evolve and now includes Part-21 and Part-145 organizations, incorporating the Safety Management System (SMS) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 19’s Recommended Practices (SARPs). This represents a step towards more consistent and comprehensive safety management across the aviation industry’s different sectors.

At Aeroclass, we focus on assisting your organization to understand the requirements and navigate the regulatory updates effectively. We bring specialized expertise in interpreting and applying the core SMS principles to the unique parameters of your operation. Our team is dedicated to providing insights and strategies that not only ensure compliance but also optimize your safety management practices.

More about SMS for Part-21 Organizations

By 7 March 2025, all entities with design organization approval (DOA) and production organization approval (POA), as per EASA Part 21 regulations, must have implemented an SMS. This deadline also applies to manufacturers holding a European technical standard order authorization (ETSOA) and organizations involved in designing auxiliary power units (APUs) under Part 21. This mandate signifies a major step in enhancing safety in the design and production stages of aviation, requiring these organizations to comply with the updated safety management protocols by the specified date.

More about SMS for Part-145 Organizations

All maintenance organizations approved under EASA Part-145 are required to have an SMS in place by 2 December 2024. This directive focuses on elevating the safety standards in maintenance operations, ensuring that these organizations identify and manage potential risks effectively. The deadline underlines the urgency for these organizations to align their maintenance practices with the new SMS requirements, thereby contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of aviation operations.


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Safety Risk Management In Accordance With EASA Part-21
Virtual Class
Safety Risk Management In Accordance With EASA Part-21

Participants will learn fundamental risk management principles, explore risk identification and evaluation techniques, and develop strategies for mitigating risks in the production and design management systems. The course also covers key steps in implementing risk management strategies, monitoring compliance, and fostering continuous improvement within EASA Part-21 organizations.

Safety Management System (SMS) Basic
Virtual Class
Safety Management System (SMS) Basic

This course is compliant with EASA regulations and ICAO but is also suitable for operators complying with standards globally. An effective SMS helps your organization satisfy its regulatory responsibility to manage safety by lowering the rate and cost of accidents and incidents, improving communication and productivity. You will learn how to set up an effective SMS for your organization and foster a safety culture.

Safety Management System (SMS) Train the Trainer
Virtual Class
Safety Management System (SMS) Train the Trainer

This SMS Trainer course helps your organization effectively develop SMS training that delivers concrete improvements in safety indicators. The course goes over all of the principles of a safety system, pedagogy, learning theories. It also explains the different training programs required for each aviation department, as well as effective instructional methodologies.

Human Factor Topics in Safety Investigations
Video Course 2h 19min
Human Factor Topics in Safety Investigations

In this course we will cover several different human factor topics which will help a safety investigator examine any safety event to understand what went wrong on the human side, to discover why it went wrong and to be able to suggest measures that may help prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Human Factors in Aviation
Video Course 1h 39min
Human Factors in Aviation

This course will start by looking at what is the area of Human Factors and some of the aspects it covers, followed by looking at some of the key modules and theories in that area. After these areas we will then look at some of the steps that have been introduced to attempt to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents from occurring and finally we will take a look at a couple incidents and accidents and see how the modules/theories and solutions can be observed.

Certificates Upon Completion
Certificates are available for each of the courses.

Receive essential training our experienced aviation safety specialists

With a focus on effectively addressing your current concerns and questions, our instructors offer invaluable and practical training designed to empower you in the ever-evolving world of aviation safety management.

Firas Sallam, Aeroclass Instructor

Firas Sallam

An ICAO/IATA Certified Instructor with 22 years in aviation. From Air Traffic Control to leading an Operations Control Center, his experience spans VVIP flight management to crafting operational manuals.

Ugne Maciejauskaite, Aeroclass Instructor

Ugne Maciejauskaite

With vast experience across European commercial and business jet operators, she excels in Safety Management Systems, notably achieving EASA approval for an Air Operator’s SMS in just one year.

Vidas Kaupelis, Aeroclass Instructor

Vidas Kaupelis

An aviation expert with a decade of hands-on experience in safety, security, and compliance. His journey includes leadership roles at the Civil Aviation Authority of Lithuania, KlasJet, and BAA Training Aviation Academy.

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