Aeroclass instructor Ricardo Pilon: An aviation insider since his childhood

Instructors · 2 min read · Jan 23, 2023
ricardo pilon

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Everyone gets this question as a child. Our instructor Ricardo Pilon had a specific answer: he wanted to be the head of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

His parents thought that the reason was their regular flights to Amsterdam, South America, and the United States for family vacations. Ricardo could have also been influenced by a trip to an airport to see the longest runway in the Caribbean that his father’s company paved. Maybe that could also be the reason why everything in his life was related to aviation.

Ricardo is very fond of a particular project from his career. It was in 2000 when he was invited to join an airline startup in Toronto to execute a creative commercial strategy. He had been in the aviation industry for only 4 years, however, his team managed to create original tactics that 7 to 12 years later became practices for the whole industry. It was a real challenge to achieve some of the desired results for Ricardo due to insufficient capital and fierce competition at the time. So, according to Ricardo, he would like to do all this again in today’s context with all the technologies he didn’t have back then.

A representation of AI

This instructor not only has an interesting career in aviation but is also a published author. His first book analyzes sustainable methodologies and tools for airline business transformation and the use of modern technologies in creating innovative business models. However, since the book was published in 2015, a lot has changed. Artificial intelligence started to be used more and it became more relevant in the aviation industry.

Since that time, Ricardo started specializing more in the use of artificial intelligence and is currently working on a new book in which he puts all his newly discovered insights. This book is about all the functions of this new tool in airlines, airports, and cargo and even beyond that. In fact, artificial intelligence is one of the main interests and the main discussion point of our Expert Talk with Ricardo.

As for his course in Aeroclass, he said he joined because of the vision Aeroclass has on modern education. His relationship with Aeroclass is based on trust, respect, and the same vision of delivering training using modern tools. Also, he is contributing to the industry with his amazing experience by teaching his course.

It’s important to keep learning and gaining new skills, so do not miss the opportunity to do so with Ricardo’s course on our platform, but first, watch his fascinating Expert Talk!

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Guste simanaviciute
Gustė Simanavičiūtė
A curious traveler with a passion for writing whose journey began with translation and led to the aviation industry.

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