Aeroclass instructor Sadiya Khan: Fell in love with aviation through air cargo

Instructors · 2 min read · Jan 23, 2023
sadiya khan

Sadiya Khan never thought that she would work in the aviation industry, it was not something she came up with and wrote in her diary at school, and to some extent fell into this industry. However, as she said, she was very lucky to stumble across air cargo because she was very interested in world trade, how things are moved from one place to another, and processes in between that. Thus, not only she fell into the industry but also, she fell in love with it.

When asked about her assignments and which of them stands out for her, Sadiya could not distinguish only one. There were lots of projects where she was exposed to lots of different areas of the business, so she had to bring together many different elements such as, how to go through a booking process, how the operations team, revenue management, and capacity control work and how to put these things together in terms of customer service as well as create brand new operations. So, the projects that she remembers the most, call on all those things where she had to learn and create something new and better by bringing a lot of things together.

Furthermore, Sadiya has been able to move to another country in the Middle East for a job in a big air cargo company and create a life there in one week. She also met many people and got to know different cultures. During her career, she learned a lot and built up experience that she now hands over to others through teaching.

An aircraft being loaded with cargo.

Sadiya remembers a particular day when she got into teaching a class that was not connected to the aviation industry, but rather a group of six to seven-year-old kids. She enjoyed teaching, and even more, she enjoyed preparing for that. The only problem she was worried about was being too corporate with all the slides and props, but she just gave it a go. After the first class and all that engagement from students, she realized that she loves teaching. She said that she adores the element of imparting knowledge: taking it and packaging it in an effective way for somebody to be engaged and to come back from that session knowing a little bit more. Therefore, through this teaching experience something inside her just clicked and the idea of passing knowledge to others amused her.

Sadiya has her virtual class on the Aeroclass platform which is called “Workshop on How Air Cargo Works”. This class is about air cargo processes: from where the shipment originates to getting to the user and many things beyond that. The course can be useful for people who are having trouble fully comprehending the air cargo field and its processes and for those who want to gain additional knowledge. Moreover, she recalls that when she was new to the industry it would have been very helpful to have such a course.

So don’t miss the opportunity to meet our instructor Sadiya Khan in our Expert Talk where she is sharing her insights about challenges people face in the aviation industry, learning and transferring knowledge, and air cargo itself.

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