Aeroclass’ new CEO Jurgita Lukauskiene: “We’re here to empower”

Company News · 2 min read · Sep 30, 2022
jurgita lukauskiene

It’s been two years since Lukas Rasciauskas started leading the mission to ensure Aeroclass became a pioneer in its field. Lukas focused on creating a learning space without boundaries for aviation professionals from all backgrounds and took the company to new heights. He was also there to oversee the brand’s most recent chapter ― launching the first-ever subscription-based model in aviation training.

At this milestone juncture, now feels like the right time to hand over the reins to Jurgita Lukauskiene, as further development will require a different set of skills, compared to projects he had previously undertaken. “I know I’m leaving the business in good hands “, said Rasciauskas.

Lukauskiene joined Aeroclass during the time the subscription idea was still in development, carefully following each step towards the final product. That helped her to get a better sense of the learning culture and the opportunities within the business itself. “I understand that we must be the ones to empower learners to take control of their professional development, and now having met our team, I know we’re more than capable of doing so.”, she shared with excitement.

Jurgita has always had a strong interest in innovation, which has led her to tasting leadership challenges across various industries. She vividly remembers real estate being one of her first experiences — a lesson about the interconnected nature of today’s world and the value of long-lasting partnerships.

Her most recent career focus, however, has been dedicated to electric vehicles and strategizing how to make them widely accessible to the European market within the Baltics and beyond. As a key Project Manager at Busnex and a Deputy CEO at Evmotors, both subsidiaries of Avia Solutions Group, Jurgita outlined that these have both been important interconnecting links to aviation. Not only are they industries powered by innovation, but both businesses are growing under the same values she has been nurturing for the last three years.

According to Jurgita, “…aviation is in a constant state of evolution, but it’s up to us in which direction it is going to grow”.

The understaffing issue is going to be one for her, and Aeroclass a whole’s, main focal points this year. Countless aviation businesses are in need of expanding their crews but have limited time or the available resources to train them. That’s where Jurgita sees a big opportunity for Aeroclass to assist. The new CEO believes that providing training through an easy-to-control digital platform (on a subscription basis) will soon become the top choice for onboarding and upskilling aviation professionals, as well as newcomers. “Everyone has had enough of the typical off-the-shelf training, it’s time to customize it so that more companies can effectively upskill their employees and optimize cost efficiencies in each specific case”, she shared.

When asked about her goals for the future, Jurgita replied, that the new role encourages her to think more about two things: customers’ trust and motivation within the Aeroclass team: “I will do everything that’s in my control to ensure our employees are proud of what they are doing, and customers are extremely satisfied with the services we provide. We want to help the aviation industry grow into the digital age and that’s an exciting thing to be a part as we all move into the future together.”

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