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    The Future of Learning in Aviation

    News · 2 min read · May 20, 2021

    Sharing knowledge from aviation professionals to aviation professionals.

    Welcome to Aeroclass, the future of online training and education in aviation.

    By uniting aviation organisations and passionate aviation professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and vast experience, our mission is to pioneer the modernisation and digitalisation of old-school learning and forever break the mould of aviation training.

    As the aviation industry goes through unprecedented changes, Aeroclass, as part of the Avia Solutions Group, is focused on offering the next generation of online training courses for mechanics, engineers, aviation managers, executives, and pilots. Combining carefully constructed training courses with the latest technological advances, along with the real-time experience of true aviation professionals, we are disrupting the landscape of aviation training in a completely modern and innovative manner.

    While paying tribute to the time-honoured professionalism of aviation training traditions, we are fully aware of the implications of constantly changing business practices, new technologies, the constraints of modern living, and the demand for greater cost efficiency.

    Reducing training costs is an increasingly important concern right across the aviation industry, that is why Aeroclass is dedicated to delivering a results-driven aviation learning platform that is available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

    Accessible training for aviation

    The entire aviation industry is discovering that past complacency, when it comes to training, learning new skills, and maintaining certification, has no place in the industry’s future. In recent times, the disruption of training and learning schedules have thrown the lives and business practices of tens of thousands into chaos.

    It is for that very reason that the Aeroclass learning platform is dedicated to redefining the future of flexible and deliverable courses and modules to suit individuals and teams, regardless of their location or time constraints. By future-proofing the whole training process, Aeroclass gives students the flexibility of learning, taking exams, and receiving certification anytime and anyplace.

    Through a combination of utilising the top lectors – we think of them as the superstars and influencers of the industry – with modern content methodology, we continuously monitor the latest education delivery methods and adapt them to the needs of aviation professionals. Staying ahead of industry trends and competition allows us to dictate, steer, and set the highest standards for online training methodology, while building a lasting connection with our students.

    Using asynchronous methods of training gives us – and our clients – the flexibility to utilise the platform best suited to servicing their needs as students.

    • Pre-recorded Aviation management courses – 31 Modules (800+ academic hours)
    • Pre-recorded certified courses – Certified training for aircraft technical professionals for the first year
    • Virtual classes/Live sessions – Online live courses

    In the future, using 3D web models, augmented reality (AI), Android and iOS applications, and TV applications, Aeroclass have plans in place to deliver an even higher level of training across a multitude of modern platforms.

    Instruction from aviation professionals

    As the saying goes, there is no substitute for experience. That is why our collective vision is to utilise the global experiences of aviation experts and professionals to create and provide unique and user-friendly aviation content in an easily accessible format by all students.

    According to Aeroclass CEO, Lukas Rasciauskas, “Covid has reshaped the rules of learning, and I believe that at this particular point in time a platform like Aeroclass is especially needed and relevant to everyone who wants to make their way in the industry.”

    We like to think of our professional lectors as being the influencers and superstars for the modern aviation industry. While we have embraced our tech-savvy position in instruction and training, we couldn’t do what we do without the people steering the entire industry. Each of our lectors, instructors, and advisors are all distinguished and highly respected figures in the world of international aviation.

    Our team of experienced lectors come from a cross-section of industry-specific disciplines, from civil aviation, airline operations, management, group operations, cargo, and airport management to law and aviation regulations, and are ideally sourced to establish trust and credibility for our clients.

    It is this marriage of technology and human experience that helps us to provide the perfect training solutions in a manner that best suits the client’s needs.


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