Fly Stress-Free with Kids: The Best Airline for Family Travel

Airlines · 2 min read · Oct 04, 2023
Best Airlines for Travelling with Family

Although traveling with the entire family might seem like a daunting undertaking, airlines across the world strive to ensure a stress-free flying experience with children. Some airlines stand out as the most committed to family-friendly flights. Let’s explore which holds the title of the “Best airline for family travel” and what exceptional services they provide.

Air Canada

Air Canada has not only been named World’s Most Family-Friendly Airline of 2023 in the Skytrax World Airline Awards but also frequently acclaimed as the best airline for family travel! They offer special Family Check-in counters for parents traveling with kids under 6. The entire family can comfortably navigate through the procedure and even enjoy the privilege of early boarding. Plus, a guarantee for the family to be seated together ensures a stress-free flight.

Prioritizing children’s comfort, Air Canada offers a myriad of travel goodies to keep the little ones entertained during the flight. Kids can delve into provided games, activity books, crayons, and even decorate their luggage with vibrant stickers. A menu catering to children’s eating habits, with selections like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and chocolate chip cookies, adds an extra sprinkle of joy to their journey!


Emirates, renowned for providing stellar family-oriented services, also makes a strong case as a contender for the best airline for family travel. Both on-ground staff and airplane crew are expertly trained to handle family needs, ensuring parents can trust that the personnel can adeptly manage any child-related emergencies, doing so with utmost care. Families are also afforded priority boarding to allow extra time to get settled and comfortable in their seats.

In numerous Emirates lounges, dedicated play areas equipped with toys and video games invite children to play and ease any pre-flight nerves. The in-flight entertainment, featuring children’s favorite channels and access to hundreds of video games, ensures the time flies unnoticed for kids, while parents can relish a tranquil flight.

British Airways

In Europe, British Airways stands out, taking care of traveling families like no other, earning its reputation as one of the best airlines for family travel. Understanding the multitude of extra baggage when traveling with children, British Airways offers kids the same baggage allowances as adults, alleviating worries of extra fees for parents! Moreover, families enjoy priority in check-in and boarding, ensuring they can stow their baggage and settle in seamlessly.

During the flight, children are encouraged to engage in screen-free fun, provided with crayons and postcards to craft letters or paint pictures to send home. An option to listen to educational audio series or bedtime stories ensures tranquility during the flight. Every aspect of a child’s flight is considered, allowing parents to simply relax and relish their trip.

Effortless Travel with Children

Navigating through airports and flights with small children can pose a challenge, but with airlines like Air Canada, Emirates, and British Airways, parents can set aside their worries. These carriers, often lauded as some of the best airlines for family travel, greet families with exceptional care and attention from the moment they step into the airport, prioritizing children’s well-being and ensuring parents can journey with utter peace of mind, free from disturbances.

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