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    Elvinas Jaruševičius, Aeroclass Head of Product – modernise, transform, protect, and deliver.

    Company News, Updates · 2 min read · Aug 12, 2021

    Not quite the toss of a coin, but for Elvinas Jaruševičius there was a choice to be made – a choice that took him on a journey to his current role as Aeroclass Head of Product & IT teams.

    With a passion and a fascination for both programming and flying, a younger Elvinas had to choose between studying the former or taking to the skies as a helicopter pilot.

    However, sometimes the choices we make prove judicious, and having opted to study programming, a field where he already possessed experience and know-how, little did he know that only a few short years later his passions would merge leading him back into the world of aviation.

    With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, the aviation industry was faced with unprecedented challenges and disruption to time-honoured practices. One of the practices which were severely challenged – due to social distancing and the forced closure of many traditional educational institutions – was how education and training in aviation were perceived, designed, and delivered.

    The Aeroclass answer to this question was found in the demand to modernise, transform, and deliver the highest standard of aviation training, using the industry’s leading professionals and the latest advances in IT, at a time and a place that uniquely matched the students’ needs.

    With an in-depth knowledge of the transformations taking place in the IT sector, Elvinas was acutely placed to realise that aviation, as a strictly conservative market, in the past had little room for digitalisation, but that the global crisis would emphatically change all of that. While being focused on delivering the highest standard of ‘any time, any place’ e-learning, he was also aware that ensuring the security of the delivery platform was also of the utmost importance.

    In his own words, Elvinas knows that “In the current digital ages, it is vital to stay and feel secure online.” With that in mind, Elvinas and his team ensure that the platform is constantly being monitored and tested for performance. At the same time, applying security measures and encryptions matching the highest market standards to ensure that data is protected and safe while remaining focused on providing product delivery, securely, and efficiently.

    By staying single-mindedly focused solely on the aviation market, Aeroclass is committed to gathering and maintaining a team of the top industry professionals and experts from around the world to deliver the best and most dedicated product for the market.

    According to Elvinas, “In an industry as massive as aviation is, and with the ambitious plans we have for Aeroclass, and the level of quality we are striving to deliver, there can be no room for mistakes. However, we are aware that it is probably impossible to get everything right on the first attempt. There are many scenarios and use cases that we will never stop improving, constantly looking for the best solution and how to deliver it without impacting negatively on our existing platform.”

    As the Head of Product & IT teams, we have created a united vision for the future. We will make full use of the vastly- experienced professionals who make up our teams to ensure we constantly stay up to date on the latest and newest technological trends and developments while remaining fully focused on what the end-user wants and needs. In line with the united company vision, by constantly researching the market, collecting feedback and metrics, and analysing the results and the content Aeroclass provides, our goal is to match usability, technology, and education methods aligned exactly with the users’ wishes.

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