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    Gintaras is ready to develop sophisticated digital marketing strategies to compete in the market

    Company News, Updates · 2 min read · Aug 27, 2021

    Gintaras Baltusevičius discovered aviation industry on his career path rather by chance. “It is the aviation industry that has come to me” - points out Gintaras, who is now working hard as the Head of Digital Marketing at Aeroclass.org. However, this industry couldn’t help but enchant him with all of its charm, so he is now more than happy to be a part of it.

    Looking at the field he is working in now, Gintaras sees aviation as an unique industry which combines many different industries forming a distinctive ecosystem.

    That’s, what - as he points out - differs it from other industries: “Aviation is a phenomenal industry, to my mind, driving technological innovation in various fields starting from airplane components, going to the digital field that is online booking, check-in or internal operations such as monitoring and training.”

    Being a start-up could be highly rewarding

    Aiming to become an integral and important part of such an ecosystem, Aeroclass, from Gintaras’ point of view, already has a huge potential as a start-up company.

    As it is obvious that digitalization has transformed marketing from its core, according to the Head of Digital Marketing at Aeroclass, comparing traditional with digital marketing these days is like trying to compare apples to oranges.

    It may have the same purpose, but it is a different thing. “Digital marketing requires an entirely different skill set and understanding; it is more complex - but its strategies help achieve great results” – points out Gintaras. Being completely aware that their competitors are rather conservative and slow with digital marketing trends and development, Aeroclass is ready to focus on and develop advanced digital marketing strategies to compete in the market.

    The competition is strong - but we are ready for it

    However, there could also be some downfalls, but the marketing team at Aeroclass is completely aware of them. Of course, nobody here knows how fast the main competitors can turn digital. Gintaras draws our attention to the fact that such competitors have long-running websites and authority, so digital marketing might work to their benefit even faster and more efficiently.

    Even so, now it seems that Aeroclass is leading the way in the marketing competition. That is the way Gintaras sees it: “As of now, we are new to the industry and it seems that we can effectively compete with them through our digital marketing channels.”

    Gintaras believes that his innovative digital marketing strategies will put Aeroclass among the market leaders. He emphasizes that his ultimate goal in the company is to make Aeroclass one of the top brands in aviation training. That, in his opinion, is achievable through the use of various digital marketing channels. And by doing that with a talented team, Aeroclass is about to build a successful and trustworthy brand in the market.

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