Aeroclass announces new partnership with Aerviva

Company News · 2 min read · Mar 29, 2023

This partnership comes at a particularly challenging time within the aviation industry which is facing a mounting pilot shortage. Aeroclass and Aerviva join their efforts in developing and uplifting industry professionals at just the right time. By combining Aeroclass’ aim of providing high-quality training and Aerviva’s mission of advancing careers, we form a thrilling partnership focused on guiding professionals in the aviation sector.

We at Aeroclass are focused on supporting the careers of everyone curious enough to learn and are excited to be collaborating with a company that shares our values and prides itself on its human-centric approach to recruitment.

Aerviva is a multi-faceted company providing exceptional aviation consultancy services in various domains. Among their most notable services are recruitment, staff leasing, onboarding, and contract management. The recruitment agency has a network of more than 20,000 industry professionals and can provide services for any area of aviation required.

In 2023 pilots are incredibly in-demand, with an estimated deficit of 50,000 pilots in Europe, nearly 80,000 in North America, not to mention the number of Asia and Pacific shortage of more than 100,000 specialists. The supply of qualified specialists is more than lacking and the joint efforts of Aeroclass and Aerviva can help reduce the headache for both parties of the job-hunting process.

Additionally, engineering and cabin crew positions are also a specialty of Aerviva which fosters strong connections with maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) businesses in aviation. Countless engineers, technicians, mechanics, and cabin crew benefit greatly by going through Aerviva’s recruitment process.

Aerviva makes the usually grueling process of finding an open position in the aviation industry much easier. By use of its global expertise and deep understanding of the aerospace industry, the consultancy firm finds the best matches among companies and specialists. The company fulfils a number of highly important tasks such as sourcing candidates, carrying out pre-screenings and, if required, assisting with psychometric testing, organizing interviews and simulator assessments. To ensure the successful integration of a candidate, the company also aids with introductions and inductions, the filing of documentations and signage of contracts.

Being aware of the most pressing issues within the aviation industry is a priority for Aeroclass. Our partnership with Aerviva marks yet another step towards fulfilling our aim of addressing the latest problems and enacting real change. This collaboration reflects our constant desire toward benefiting the aviation industry.

It is with great excitement that we welcome on board such a well-established consultancy agency. Aeroclass looks forward to uniting our educational platform with Aerviva’s recruitment services to reach a common goal. We hope that our joint efforts with Aerviva will help industry professionals in their road to success.

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Jet pilot @NASA

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