Air Cargo Is Setting The Bar For Animal Safety in Transit

Airlines · 2 min read · Aug 17, 2023
Air Cargo Leading in Animal Safety

Transporting animals over long distances involves considerable risks, as every species demands unique care and specific environments to ensure their well-being during transit. Air transport is renowned as the safest method for animal transit, but what distinguishes it? Let’s delve into Air Canada’s approach, a leader in emphasizing air cargo animal transit safety.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) establishes benchmarks for all dimensions of animal handling and underscores that air transit offers the most humane and effective method for moving animals over vast distances. This includes not only pets but also creatures transported for zoological, agricultural, or other purposes. While the standards are lucid, Air Canada is unparalleled in its adherence and implementation.

Earning the distinction of being the inaugural airline to receive certification from the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) for Live Animals Logistics in 2018, Air Canada did not rest on its laurels. It pursued re-certification post thorough audits and enhancements in 2022. Such recognitions amplify Air Canada Cargo’s relentless focus on air cargo animal transit safety and its drive to meet every prescribed regulation.

The foremost guiding principle in air cargo is prioritizing animal welfare. In line with this, Air Canada emphasizes the adequacy of transport containers, as well as the crucial aspects of temperature control and proper ventilation. The airline champions these essentials using state-of-the-art cargo infrastructure equipped with leading-edge climate control systems. Their investment in the right tools for animal movement underscores their commitment.

Air Canada Aircraft
Air Canada Airlines

Acknowledging the distinct needs of every creature is vital. Air Canada rises above its peers by hiring expertly-trained staff for animal handling, a practice not widely adopted in the aviation realm. These specialists ensure animals receive necessary sustenance, rest, and comfort during their journey, mitigating any distress.

Air Canada’s commitment to animal transit safety makes it a top choice for animal transportation. A testament to their expertise was the recent entrustment of a prized horse’s transport, a gracious gift from The Royal Canadian Mounted Police to King Charles III. With a custom-designed stall and a dedicated equine assistant, this hallmark transit by Air Canada exemplified their ambition to amplify their exemplary services and champion air cargo animal transit safety. Hence, for those desiring to journey with their beloved pets, the optimal choice is unmistakably Air Canada.

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