Unlocking Win-Win: Airline and Sports Club Sponsorships

Airlines · 2 min read · Aug 08, 2023
Airline and Sport Organization Sponsorships

Airline sponsorships, especially those in sports, have become commonplace. The world’s leading airlines, due to their sports and airline sponsorships, prominently display their logos at major sports events, with clubs spanning various sports disciplines. Football, especially, is a sport where aviation and sports come together seamlessly. Being the most-watched sport globally, football provides unmatched brand visibility for airlines with an international footprint. The symbiotic relationship emerges from the fact that football aficionados aren’t just regular travelers but also unwavering supporters of their clubs. This alignment in interest forms a beneficial alliance for both entities.

Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar and Etihad Airways are the most recognisable names among avid football fans. Seeing the logos of airlines on clubs’ kits and stadium billboards has become an inseparable part of watching the game. While some airlines are satisfied with simple ad placement others have gone to great lengths to create strong and long-lasting partnerships with their chosen teams.  A standout example of such a collaboration is the partnership between Etihad Airways and Manchester City FC.

Etihad Stadium in Manchester, United Kingdom

The partnership between Man City and Etihad extends far beyond mere logos on players’ kits and the club’s stadium name. Etihad actively participates in Manchester City’s community and inclusivity initiatives. For the annual Young Leader summit, which gathers young people helping their communities through football, the participants were flown to Manchester on Etihad Airways. As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, Etihad surprised four girls playing in the UAE with tickets to a Women’s Super League match in Manchester.

In the realm of environmental conservation, their collaboration stands out. The Etihad stadium has introduced innovative recycling stations for plastic bottles, allowing fans to deposit bottles and earn Etihad Guest Miles in return. This initiative not only promotes recycling but offers a unique reward system for spectators.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is in partnership with Manchester City Football Club

While Etihad clearly knows how to put their services to the betterment of the Man City community, they also know how to celebrate victories! After the recent Man City win of the Champions League in Istanbul, the victorious players were flown home by a specially liveried plane. For the first time in history, the European champions were taken home by a plane representing the club’s colors and badge. What a way to celebrate such an occasion!

The Etihad – Man City example shows how important it is for the airline to take part in the football community. The strongest collaborations are always the ones that are based on common goals and surpass superficial connections. By uplifting young community leaders, encouraging girls’ football and helping environment conservation efforts – Etihad and Manchester City have redefined the collaboration of two industries in spectacular fashion.

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