Elements of Effective Communication

Other · 4 min read · Apr 22, 2022
Elements of Effective Communication

Elements of effective communication are the key to communication success! Despite which trade it takes place, well-organized communication supports the progress of a company more than any other factor.

Nowadays, more priority is given to fine-tuning communication skills within an organization as it rewards back with unbelievable improvements. Here is a tailor-made guide to improve effective communication and consider this as your first step towards becoming a well-versed communicator within your circle.

Taking the first step

Even though communication is done to convey a message, listening plays a crucial role in an effective conversation. A good listener improves the quality of communication and makes the speaker more confident as he gets the feeling of being heard. So, it is crystal clear that listening is the first step toward effective communication and it is backed by a few other aspects that create a favorable environment for the parties involved.

Two colleagues giving each other a high-five while having a meeting an office.


Listening gives rise to a few key elements that improve communication standards. Among them, empathy plays an imperative role in creating a positive impact. During a conversation, speaking may be done by all the members and empathy can be shown by being a good listener.

During the conversation, the speaker gains confidence when others are actively involved. Apart from listening, other members can raise questions related to the conversation and rephrase the reader’s thoughts to show empathy.


Confidence is the next in line and is usually backed by empathy. When practiced within a conversation, the respective person knows how to respond to the speaker and communicate confidently. He has gained enough knowledge to make a valid contribution within the context by understanding the speaker.

Additionally, when speaking on any matter that lacks confidence, being mindful enough to develop an answer that assures support is important – do not discourage the audience. Speak about how available resources can be utilized to find solutions and how easy to implement them.

When success is promised within conversations exuding confidence, the audience is given hope to stick to the messages communicated. With these facts, it goes without saying, confidence plays a profound role in the elements of effective communication.


No matter how confident a person becomes, an audience will not listen effectively if the clarity is not there. Take an extra effort to practice simplicity within the language and get rid of obscure jargon- a set of unfamiliar words will definitely make an audience uncomfortable and arouse doubt and concern- that will create an alienating environment degrading the quality of communication.


Within elements of effective communication, action is the next indispensable factor. Any talking done without an end result is a waste of time. As an example, a write-up covering key points of a discussion comes in handy as people get something tangible to rely on and offer a chance to anyone who did not attend the conversation to become aware of the key points. When displayed on the noticeboard in a workplace, people tend to discuss and research giving more exposure.

Here is how listening transformed a conversation into results. Apart from the elements discussed above, there are many that support effective communication. It is time to dig a little deeper!

The importance of feedback

This is the score communicators receive for their communications. Hours of talking with zero feedback is a perfect example of misdelivered communication and the intended messages have not been conveyed to the audience through communication.

Keeping the feedback loop open when talking offers the opportunity to ascertain the level of perception of the listeners. When expected feedback is not received, the method of delivery should be altered to maximize the audience intervention.

Asking for opinions and responding to them, talking about personal experiences, speaking in a higher pitch, or pointing out someone asking for comments are a few simple things to enhance engagement.

A team at work communicating on work-related topics in a bright meeting room.

Inspire Devotion

Building charismatic characteristics improve a person’s compelling attractiveness starting from the first sight. People are more likely to be around with who exudes charisma and the same is true when communicating as well.

With charisma, the communicator is offered the opportunity to reach a deeply emotional level of the audience and infuse a message directly into their hearts. With the arousal of strong emotions, people give more room for inner thoughts which are stronger than any.

Additionally, charismatic behaviors demonstrate respect towards the audience that will reflect back with attention. It makes the delivery of a message easy and effective.

Nonverbal communication

More than 50% of our day-to-day communication is done nonverbally. Hence a concrete understanding of the basic principles is of utmost importance to make any conversation effective. Body language is a key point within the elements of effective nonverbal communication and the communicator is responsible for maintaining a correlation between his verbal and nonverbal communication- using co-speech gestures to communicate in a way to deliver the same message from both the means.

Maintaining eye contact with the audience is like holding them in the hands of the presenter and offering more dominance to pass the required message. Eye contact should shift back and forth between all the members who are taking part in the conversation. This reminds them that they are a vital part of the conversation and prompt feedback.

Becoming an effective communicator

People are born with innate skills to communicate effectively, with that said, all well-known communicators were not gifted at their birth. Many have taken an extra step in achieving their tier.

As communication has become a crucial aspect of any part of a business, people tend to improve their skills through various means- attending classes is widely adopted- with the intention of developing their skills to the next level. Just like other fields of studies, practical experience dominates when mastering effective communication. When it comes to the field of aviation, what a person should focus on and learn changes significantly. So it is extremely important to select a tailor-made program that will process the right information with aviation-specific examples.

The verdict

The list of elements of effective communication goes on and on. In the first place, communication seems to be fairly simple and straightforward, but it requires a great deal of study to harvest the results. When done ineffectively, the results can be devastating for an organization in the long run.

Hence, people invest huge amounts without a second thought to learning communication. When the perfect knowledge and experience are grabbed from an accredited course- like the one mentioned above- the sky is the limit!

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