What Can Aviation Teach You?

Instructors · 2 min read · Apr 18, 2023
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The aviation industry just like any other, is not immune to the impact of human factors. While humans can be ingenious, they also make mistakes. And in an industry that depends heavily on precision and safety, these mistakes can have severe consequences. That’s why human factors training has become an essential part of the aviation industry. In a recent Expert Talk, an Aeroclass instructor and a seasoned aviation engineer Denis Manson, shares his thoughts on the importance of human factors in aviation and how it translates into our personal lives.

The principles of situational awareness, threat and error management, as well as fatigue management are relevant to anyone, especially those who drive or operate heavy machinery. For instance, driving a car for a long period can lead to fatigue and distraction, which can impair a driver’s ability to perform well. Denis points out that this is no different from a pilot flying a plane for 12 hours.

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In addition to human factors, the aviation industry has undergone significant changes in technological advancements. Technologies have transformed the industry, making it more efficient and safer than ever. However, this also means that stakeholders in the industry must have an interest and ability to adapt to new tech, ways of doing business, and economic impacts. Denis warns that those who are not willing to adapt and learn are likely to be left behind in an industry that never stays the same for long.

Denis also shares his observation that aviation has changed significantly in recent years, not only in terms of technology but also economics. The industry is a complex system, and every employee plays a crucial role in ensuring its smooth operation. If one person fails to do their job correctly, it can affect the entire system.

While Denis Manson used to think that having a passion for aviation was important, he now is certain that it’s not necessary to have prior experience or interest in aviation to pursue a career in the industry. However, he says that developing an interest in the industry is crucial, as no job in aviation exists in isolation. Every employee has a role that is interconnected with other departments, and if one person fails to do their job correctly, it can impact the entire system.

Watch the full Expert Talk with Denis to hear more about what he believes a person can both give and take from aviation. You can also jump straight into a course “Key Aspects of Aircraft Engineering and Operations” led by Denis, if you want to start learning immediately.

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