Aeroclass joins forces with Aviator, BGS and BAA to deliver an unrivaled e-learning experience

Company News · 2 min read · Feb 02, 2022

After a few months since the start of an exciting collaboration with three well-known aviation companies – BAA Training, BGS, and Aviator – the Aeroclass team is ready to introduce two extraordinary courses, created together with our sister companies with a huge experience in operating respective businesses in Northern and Central Europe.

Well aware of the current market realities all three companies joined together with a common goal to create high-value training materials for aviation newcomers and professionals. And the first results of this collaboration are already introduced to the Aeroclass e-learning platform where two new courses “Travel Document Checks” and “PBN Training for Pilots” were launched.

All four companies, each of which is a part of Avia Solutions Group, a leading global aerospace services provider, already have a history of perfecting the training experience and constant refining of personnel onboarding practices while BAA Training and Aeroclass focus specifically on providing learning solutions for both their direct clientele as well as other businesses within the aviation industry.

The first course, “Travel Document Checks”, was introduced after three of Avia Solutions Group’s subsidiaries – Aeroclass, BGS, and Aviator – have joined their forces to create a training course on a relevant subject. For this project, Aeroclass provided e-learning industry know-how and training material creation experience by professionals from all over the world, while ground handling and support companies BGS and Aviator created high-quality content based on years of experience and industry knowledge.

The “Travel Document Checks” course covers the essentials of document checks and passenger profiling. After finishing the course, trainees will better understand the role of ground handling companies in travel document checks, be able to perform passenger profiling and recognize basic travel document security features as well as different types of travel documents and apply control and assessment techniques during check-in and boarding.

People participating in a collaboration meeting in an office meeting room with laptops.

“Travel Document Checks” is already available at Aeroclass online training platform – as well as the other latest on-demand course which is a result of no less successful collaboration between Aeroclass and its another sister company – Baltic Aviation Academy. Together with the latest, Aeroclass has developed one more course – which is no less pertinent in the current context of the aerospace industry: “PBN Training for Pilots”. As current market realities represent a shift from sensor-based to performance-based navigation, this course is aimed to introduce a set of aircraft and aircrew requirements needed for performance-based navigation operations. 

Anca Gosling, Director of Training Content and Development at Aeroclass, believes that mutual projects like this bring a lot of value to the aviation market: “Being part of Avia Solutions Group network is an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights and expertise first hand. We are delighted to be able to offer an outstanding training experience with the help of our own industry leaders. Moving forward, our strategy is to join forces with other Avia Solutions Group’s companies to create high-quality training courses for aviation professionals worldwide.”

“Travel Document Checks” and “PBN Training for Pilots” courses are just the beginning of a collaboration between the companies, with other high in-demand courses already in the works. While continuing to pursue our aim to gain valuable insight and knowledge of the sector, both our team and our partners are looking forward to exploring even more opportunities in contributing to the development of the whole aerospace industry.

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