Aeroclass became a member of the International Air Cargo Association

Company News · 2 min read · Apr 25, 2022

We are always happy to shake hands with other businesses and non-profit organizations by joining different agreements which have the potential of benefitting the whole aerospace industry. That is why we are delighted to announce that Aeroclass has just joined over 300 other different entities by becoming a member of the International Air Cargo Association.

TIACA is one of the biggest international non-profit associations representing and uniting all parts of the air cargo industry, including both the most traditional businesses in the sector and new entrants – small, medium and large companies. It is also one of the oldest air cargo associations. Formally launched in its present form as the early as in the 1990s, it prides itself on its roots going back to the 1960s when a committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers in the USA launched the first Air Cargo Forum to explore the needs of the emerging air cargo industry.

Today it unites all kinds of businesses and other market players in the sector and beyond – including airports, airlines, shippers, forwarders, ground handlers, manufacturers, IT solution providers, consulting firms – as well as educational institutions and many more. With the mission of setting the vision for the whole air cargo industry, uniting it with one voice on common interests, and supporting the necessary change, the association already made a great contribution to the whole sector not only by establishing proper communication between the equally involved entities from different parts of the globe but also by promoting and encouraging business, social, and technological innovation among the association members.

Boeing 747 delivering air cargo and landing at an airport in daytime.

As disseminating and enhancing knowledge amongst members and the air cargo industry is among the top priorities of the International Air Cargo Association, Aeroclass sees a significant value in becoming a member of the association. “By pursuing a clear vision of educating professionals across the whole sector, we are thrilled to become a member of the International Air Cargo Association. By chasing our common goals we are now not only able to highlight the importance of accessible, timely, and up-to-date training for different professionals in the air cargo sector and elsewhere – finally, we have an even better opportunity to reach businesses and professionals whom our service will benefit the most.” Aeroclass CEO, Lukas Raščiauskas said.

Aeroclass acknowledges the significance of the air cargo sector and its importance for the whole industry and beyond. Thus, we constantly strive to improve the air cargo courses portfolio. Currently, the company offers ‘Air Cargo Management Basics’, taught by Céline Hourcade and ‘Introduction into the Air Cargo Supply Chain’ led by James Wyatt – with many more courses related to the air cargo sector to be presented in the upcoming months. “By joining TIACA, we are also looking forward to staying up to date with the latest needs of the industry as well as strengthening our connections with businesses, educational institutions, and scholars in order to create high-quality training courses for cargo professionals worldwide,” – said Anca Gosling, Director of Training Content and Development at Aeroclass.

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