Avelo New Haven: 1st Birthday and $49 Flights

Airlines · 4 min read · Nov 25, 2022
avelo new haven

Avelo Airlines, an airline serving seven states in the country, celebrated its first anniversary since the airline launched flights from Tweed New Haven Airport on November 3, 2021. Third November marked its one-year anniversary, and the airline has something for its customers to celebrate as well.

Avelo Airlines brags of a stellar record connecting passengers between New Haven Airport and Orlando International Airport. To celebrate its first anniversary with its customers, Avelo has offered several discounts which you should look out for.

The year’s performance at Tweed New Haven

The first flight by Avelo Airlines from New Haven Airport took off on November 3, 2021, and was headed to Orlando. A year later, the airline can boast of service on this route. Avelo Airlines flew 100,000 passengers in its service between Tweed Airport and Orlando International Airport.

In general, Avelo has managed over 5,000 flights and flown a total of 600,000 from New Haven to various destinations. Out of the 5,000 flights, only 70 flights were canceled. The canceled flights are fewer than the flights Avelo Airlines offered to Connecticut travelers, showing how reputable the performance was.

Avelo Airlines boarding at New Haven airport on a clear day.
Image source: (CC) Tpowaleny/Wikimedia

Important contributions of Avelo Airlines

Avelo has made some essential contributions since its inception by investing over 100 USD in Connecticut. Therefore, it has contributed greatly to the development of the community since the enthusiastic reception Connecticut gave the airline.

For instance, Avelo created direct and indirect airport jobs, improved airport facilities, and supported community investments and local and state community organizations and events.

Additionally, Avelo Airlines has made it possible for passengers to have nonstop flights from New Haven to various destinations. Therefore, the operations of the airlines have transformed Tweed greatly in the past year.

Veteran’s Day celebrations

Avelo’s love for the community was witnessed during the recent Veteran’s Day celebrations. The airline hosted a special celebration in honor of Veterans Day this month. The ceremony was graced by high-ranking people like Avelo Airlines founder, chairman, and CEO Andrew Levy, the New Haven mayor, East Haven mayor, the Connecticut Commissioner, and other airline management officials.

The celebration had a special tribute to Army Reserve Master Sergeant Clark. MSG Clark returned home after active duty guard and multiple combat deployments spanning 22 years of a military career. He will be remembered as a true patriot, loving son, and caring soul who performed admirably with a great sense of responsibility in active duty.

Avelo Airlines aircraft stationed at an airport on a cloudy day.
Image source: (CC) OrangeRye/Wikimedia

New destinations: Nashville, Charleston and more

Avelo Airlines is adding new destinations for customers from Tweed New Haven Airport. In June, Avelo announced Wilmington, N.C., as a new destination from Tweed. Prior to this, the airlines had announced three new destinations from New Haven Airport in May; the Midway International Airport in Chicago, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Other new destinations from New Haven Airport were announced in February, 2022. They include Elm City Airport, Nashville, Hilton Head, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. Avelo has also added a new stop in Florida by expanding its service to Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, making it one of the destinations with service three days every week.

Avelo Airlines also offers one-way nonstop flights from Tweed New Haven to six locations in Florida; Sarasota, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Port Myers, and Fort Lauderdale.

An airport terminal during the day.

Avelo Offers $49 Flights from New Haven

Avelo has announced changes to its fares that are sure to attract more customers. Although the fares are bound drop and rise, the initial prices for the flights from Tweed New Haven by Avelo are fair to all customers. Below are some notable mentions:

  1. Wilmington, N.C.: the first flight to Wilmington from Tweed is scheduled for December 2nd at $59, with the return flight available on December 9th at $49.
  2. Raleigh-Durham: the first flight to Raleigh-Durham from Tweed New Haven is scheduled for December 1st at $199, with a return flight available a week later at $159.
  3. Chicago: the first flight from Tweed Airport to Chicago is scheduled for December 19th at $69, with a returning flight available a week later at $69.
  4. Baltimore, Washington D.C.: first flight is scheduled for Washington D.C. from New Haven on December 2nd at $39, and the return flight on the 9th at the same price.
  5. Fort Myers: The Avelo flight to Fort Myers is scheduled for December 1st at $119, and a return flight a week later at $459.
  6. Nashville: first flight departs on December 2nd and costs $189. The return flight to Tweed Airport will cost $39 and is scheduled for December 9th. 
  7. West Palm Beach: flight from New Haven to West Palm scheduled on December 1st at $209 with a return flight available a week later at $59.
  8. Fort Lauderdale: Avelo’s flight to Fort Lauderdale is scheduled for December 1st at $149, with a return flight available a week later at $49.
  9. Orlando: Avelo flight from Tweed New Haven to Orlando is scheduled for December 1st at $89, with a return flight available a week later at $189.
  10. Myrtle Beach: flight scheduled for December 4th at $59 with a return trip available a week later at $149.
  11. Charleston: flight from Tweed New Haven Airport to Charleston is scheduled for December 1st at $49, with a return flight available on December 8th at $39.

You can check all these prices and the prices to the other destinations in the seven states at the Avelo Airlines website as you plan your flying and air travel needs for the year ahead.

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