Airline Management

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Airline Management

The aviation industry involves a series of subsectors and a great number of operations that require management. Aviation management involves airline management, airport management, and safety management, among others.

Of course, as you can imagine, airline management refers to managing airline operations. If you want to learn more about aviation management and how studying aviation management can get you into the aviation business, we invite you to keep reading as we give you the details.

Airline and airport management

Airline and airport management are very closely related because most of the operations of an airline are related to air transportation, operations that usually take place within the premises of an airport. Also, both airline management and airport management are among the most important aspects of aviation management.

Aviation management is the area of the business that focuses on organizing operations at an airport, airline, or any other organization within the industry.

Professionals in this sector have a wide variety of specialties, including customer service, aircraft maintenance, flight logistics, and airline marketing.

An aviation manager is usually a top executive in a company or organization in the aviation sector. This role usually involves working in airline management, where you can expect to be responsible for the entire operations of an airline. Alternatively, it may also entail being a manager at an aircraft manufacturing firm, an airport, or any organization in the aviation business.

As a result, the role of the aviation manager will depend on the specific area of focus.

For example, to work in aviation management you could get an airline management degree and become an airline manager. This is one of the many paths to work within the aviation industry and one that can be very rewarding.

Let’s talk a little more about becoming an airline manager, and the role airline managers have in the aviation business.

A woman walking to het gate through an airport terminal during sunset.

What does an airline manager do?

Managing an airline takes more than shuttling passengers between airports. It includes scheduling, planning networks, maintenance of aircraft, staffing, customer service, and more.

Obviously, the tasks of an airline manager will be very diverse since airlines have hundreds of various operations. As part of the role, you can expect to often be in charge of recruiting and dismissing employees, negotiating agreements and contracts, and coordinating the activities of several departments.

Additionally, you may be responsible for training, assisting in the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives, and ensuring that the organization complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

You may be required to cover several other positions within the organization to keep things running smoothly from time to time. However, while the tasks may vary greatly from one organization to the other, here are the most common across the air cargo and air transport industry:

  • Making sure that the organization runs safely and efficiently.
  • Ensuring that flight schedules work as planned.
  • Keeping aircraft maintenance and service records.
  • Supervising inspection schedules and activities.
  • Monitoring and ensuring adherence to regulatory frameworks and regulations.
  • Recruiting and dismissing staff.
  • Assisting repair and maintenance crew.
  • Going over and reviewing aircraft accident reports.
  • Keeping up to date on the latest standards, procedures, policies, and laws in the aviation industry.
  • Working closely with emergency responders to monitor the weather and anticipate issues in aviation activities.
  • Identifying problems relating to the airline operations.
  • Identifying areas of improvement and determining action plans to enhance efficiency.
  • Providing inputs and suggestions to strategic decisions that impact the functional and operational area of responsibility.
  • Assisting and supervising the preparation of budgets.
  • Handling operational aspects of an emergency that may arise.
  • Resolving issues related to operational activities.
  • Coordinating and working closely with other departments, including the cabin crew.
  • Establishing, cultivating, and maintaining rapport with various key stakeholders, such as government initiatives, regulators, lobbyists, and airline industry representatives.
  • Preparing accident and financial reports to present to senior management and executives.
A bird's eye view of an airport terminal building and aircraft parked outside of it.

How to become an airline manager?

Becoming an airline manager involves gaining the skills needed to run the operations in any of the different kinds of airlines, from low-cost carriers or small air cargo carriers to prominent airlines with global operations. Perhaps, the most important features you should have are communication and leadership skills. This is because the most successful managers are those who usually apply a collaborative approach and know-how to present their ideas effectively.

While most managers get such skills from doing an airline management degree, there are other courses covering topics associated with the air transport industry. Of course, the most relevant one would be an airline management course. But what is this course?

What is an airline management course?

Airline management courses are those that help students develop the necessary skills to run the operations of airlines. These are usually skills in different areas that include:

  • Aviation business
  • Aviation technology
  • Aircraft science
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Flight operations and safety
  • Revenue analysis management

As a rule of thumb, the best courses are those that not only provide the knowledge but also offer placement opportunities by working with a network of partner airlines. Low-cost carriers are the most common airlines found in this kind of partnership.

Is airline management a good career?

There are many aspects that make this a good career. First, airlines are a good place to make a career, especially if you are a manager. This career path not only offers a challenging and thrilling working environment but also the opportunity to work with people from all over the world and a reasonable salary.

A typical salary for a new aviation manager varies from 4,5 to 6.5 Lakh Per Annum (LPA). The salary depends on performance, proficiency, and experience. The salary range for professionals with about eight to 10 years of experience can range from INR 15-25 LPA per year.

A clean, near and well-lit airport terminal waiting hall with a jet way visible through the windows.

Airport management

Managing airports is also a good way to get into the business. Similarly, there are a wide variety of courses to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills.

While working at any of the airports around the world, an aviation manager is part of the airport staff, and is the one in charge of monitoring and ensuring compliance with regulatory framework and requirements.

This time the goal is to make sure that the airport, its departments, and the personnel can operate effectively and safely. Also, making sure the passengers have a great experience when transiting is among the top priorities, together with the safety of those passengers. When it comes to aircraft, the manager will be in charge of the flight taking off or landing safely and on time.

In general, the tasks are very similar but with a focus on the airports. However, the same knowledge applies.

Final words

In India, aviation managers can also work for The Airport Authority of India (AAI), a public authority that provides Air Navigation Service (ANS) at airports. It works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) to build, upgrade, maintain, and manage civil aviation infrastructure in India.

The major roles of AAI include:

  • Provide communication, navigation, and surveillance systems (CNS).
  • Provide Air Traffic Management (ATM) service in Indian airspace and adjoining oceans.
  • Manage all the Indian airports.
  • Ensure the safety of the airports and aircraft.
  • Provide calibration of navigational aids in the flights of the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, and private airfields in India.
  • Provide passenger facilities and information systems at the passenger terminals at airports.

Regardless of where you work, an aviation manager typically reports to senior executives and corporates, which may entail preparing reports. While this is more of a mundane task, it should not be overlooked, which means you should look for courses or programs that prepare you for all your tasks, including compiling reports.

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