Free Aviation Courses

There is usually a lot of pressure when it comes to deciding what to study and which path to take in a career. Certainly enough, this is true when it comes to aviation with the many career paths and free aviation courses available.

What to study to get a career in aviation? Which is the best of all programs? How can I know if this career is for me? These are all valid questions that arise when students make up their minds.

Fortunately, the Internet and current related technologies are making education more accessible for everyone via online courses. What’s more, there are many free online courses, including free aviation courses for you to get started.

If you want to learn more about free aviation courses that might be a good starting point for your future career within the industry, we invite you to keep reading.

Why free online courses?

It is easy to believe that free online courses might be courses that offer little to no value. In the end, they are free. While there might be cases when that belief is true, this is not always the case.

For example, free aviation courses are an excellent way for students to get an overview of the aviation area covered by the course before they get into a full program. This way, students can avoid paying big money to end up noticing that it was not the right program for them and taking a loss. And we are not only speaking about money, but also time and effort.

Also, considering the online courses provider position, you can rest assured they will offer you good free online courses if they take their business seriously. With these courses, they want to show you why you should choose them and how they can actually help you achieve your training objectives. In any way, a good free online course is a win-win scenario.

In addition, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) can help educational institutions like universities and any course provider keep their current and former students up to date with the current trends. And this is a great way to provide added value.

With this in mind, let’s see some of the top free online aviation courses that will give you a head start in your aviation career.

Top free online aviation courses

Some of the following courses will provide you with new skills and others with current information about a specific topic to keep you up to speed with the most recent events within the aviation industry. However, all of them share one thing, they are completely free to take.

Without further ado, here are the top free online aviation courses.

Digital Transformation: From Being an Option to Being a Must

Digital transformation stormed into many different industries in recent years, and aviation could not escape from it. In the current digital world that we are living, this transformation could not be more relevant, and you will be learning about the importance of such transformation through the experiences of an expert.

The Exciting Industry of Air Cargo Is the Place to Be – Just Come Over!

The second of these free online aviation courses is a great example of what we said above about these free courses being a good starting point for students.

Air cargo operations are a very important sector of the aviation industry that perhaps does not get the credit it deserves. Being critical to worldwide supply chains, the air cargo industry can bring up exciting challenges along with a rewarding career.

So, if you are considering launching your career in this sector this free online course might just be the last push you need.

From One Crisis to Another: The Oil Price Impact on Aviation

This free online course is one of those that will give you data and perspective on a current topic affecting the industry. A free online course like this will help you get information and opinion from experts to help you form your own view of future events.

Of course, we all know there is a current crisis that sharply increased oil prices. As a result, aviation is getting affected in the form of higher fuel costs, and other issues associated with the crisis.

So, this free online course will provide you with information to help you understand how the different organizations are dealing with the situation and the possible outcomes for the future.

The Next Generation of Aviation: What Can Airlines Learn From Amazon?

Another free online course focusing on recent events and future trends. This time, the course brings you information that will help you better understand how critical it is for organizations in the aviation industry to adapt and use technology more efficiently.

The course focuses on how the experiences of companies like Amazon, Google, and the like can help in implementing smart automation, and AI, among other technologies to improve both airline and airport operations.

How Can Product and Service Auditing Help Your Organization?

In any industry, organizations are always trying to find ways to improve their business, and more often than not, the solutions are found in inside.

Product and service auditing is definitely one of those solutions, and this free online course does exactly what it suggest in the title. It will show you how product and service auditing can help your organization to do better.

Can You Ever Be Prepared for a Crisis Like an Aircraft Accident?

Crises are always difficult to deal with, but those who are better prepared to take the required actions are the ones who come out of them in a better position.

This free online course will help you get the mindset so you can then go deeper into the new skills you may need to be prepared for any crisis in aviation.

Is Air Cargo Still the Industry Hero & What Are the Upcoming Trends?

As we said before, air cargo may be the unsung hero of the aviation industry. But is it really or has this changed? What about its future of it?

Before you embark on a career path in the air cargo industry, you may want to make sure whether it is worth the time and effort. This free aviation course will help you do exactly that while sharing current data and future trends.

Airline Sales Strategy Changes Are Unavoidable

Aviation is evolving in every aspect, and this includes airline sales strategies. If you are on a career path that leans towards commercial and business development or management, this might be the right course for you to get your own transition started.

Airlines, Airports, Tourism Boards, and How to Bring Them Together

While many take it for granted, airlines, airports, and tourism boards do not always work under the same planning, but they should.

They should work together, plan together, and collaborate for the future. Get started with the interoperability of these organizations in this free aviation course.

Why Do We Need Excellent Customer Service?

Are you interested in a career in which you serve people? A good understanding of why excellent customer service is essential for the aviation industry could be a good start.

This course gives you the gateway to a series of video lectures that can help you become an expert in customer service, an essential area of the aviation business.

Next Crisis in Aviation: Staff Shortage and Its Threat to Recovery

Different from other free courses we have mentioned, this course offers a view of how the aviation industry is needing people. It focuses on understanding the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the people driving the industry.

While aviation evokes big airplanes carrying a lot of people around the world, it is important to remember that there are a lot of people behind the scenes making everything possible.

From critical roles like air traffic control to less famed ones like luggage handlers, not having enough people covering the needed positions could be disastrous. Of course, this could end up in a crisis, but it could also mean a lot of opportunities for newcomers.

Revenue Management Is Still in Play!

If you are interested in aviation courses regarding the business side of it, then revenue management is relevant for you.

This is a great way to get started with how organizations manage their revenue and pricing.

Debate on the Current Aircraft Leasing Crisis

You already know that aviation courses are not only about their operations but also about their business and current situations.

This course touches exactly on the latter, specifically covering the current difficulties found in leasing aircraft, one of the fastest and simplest ways for airlines to adapt their fleets to current demand.

Airline Route Decision Making: Post Covid-19 & Ukraine War

This is a very unique workshop for students to understand how airlines are dealing with route optimization in the current global environment.

Definitely, a good option if you are interested in air traffic control or similar positions.

Learning Has to Be Embedded Into Organizations Now More Than Ever!

This a simple yet powerful online course on how important it is for organizations to help aviation professionals develop.

How to Recognize the Risk of a Serious Aircraft Accident?

Perhaps the most important aspect of aviation is safety is preventing aircraft accidents.

Therefore, recognizing the risk in advance can help build the mindset to mitigate such risk.

How Is the Aviation Landscape Changing?

Another free course covers the evolution of one of the most dynamic industries, aviation.

This course offers you the point of view of an expert on the changing landscape of the industry.

What Is the Best Airport in the World?

Have you ever wondered what the best airport might look like?

Well, this course will give you exactly that from the perspective of an expert based on what makes a great airport, what passengers usually look for, and what the future holds for this industry.

Arrests, Revolution Tanks, and Other Adventures of Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft leasing involves challenges and more than suits and legal documents. And the experiences of the expert talking in this course confirm it.

How Can Good Communication and Leadership Help an Organization?

There is no such thing as a good organization without proper leadership. And good leadership normally requires good communication.

This is the introduction to all the new skills required to be a good leading manager in aviation.

Is It Imperative for Air Cargo to Change?

Learn the importance of air cargo following the evolution of the whole aviation industry in this free aviation course from an expert and leading figure for all women in aviation.

Final words about our free aviation courses

There are many other courses you can find online and for free. While it may be daunting at first, you only need to take some time to set your objectives and select the courses you want to take accordingly. Courses matching your real needs will always be the best choice, and taking them will help you take the first step into the right aviation career path.