Taking Off at Pilot Expo: Gaining New Perspectives on the
Aviation Industry

Company News · 1 min read · Feb 22, 2023
pilot expo

As an aviation digital learning platform, our goal is to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and challenges facing the aviation industry. To achieve this, we stay informed about industry news, expand our knowledge base, and attend top industry events. On February 24th, our team will be attending Pilot Expo, Europe’s largest event dedicated to Flight Crew Recruitment and Training, which will take place in Berlin.

Pilot Expo is a two-day conference and exhibition that covers a wide range of aviation and crew-related topics, including mental health and well-being, employment opportunities, the current state of the industry, growing pilot demand, and future prospects. One major challenge currently facing the
industry is the increasing pilot shortage. After the pandemic, as global passenger travel began to recover, airlines faced the difficult reality that many pilots had retired early or shifted to other industries, leaving a shortage of pilots to maintain smooth operations. Forecasts suggest that this situation is not expected to improve anytime soon, with an estimated pilot deficit of nearly 80,000 by 2023.

Faced with such a significant challenge, airline operators will need to find ways to attract and retain pilots. Pilot Expo will explore various options for both airline companies and flight crew members, including training, employment, and retention strategies. By attending this event, we hope to gain valuable insights and knowledge about how to better serve our customers in the aviation industry.

We hope to be a great help to those hiring pilots or to the future pilots themselves and extend our portfolio of topics aimed at this profession. Currently, you can explore the selection of video courses and virtual classes on human factors, resilience, and pilot interview preparation.

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