Top 9 Single Pilot Jets For Your Next Flight

Aircraft · 7 min read · Dec 06, 2022
single pilot jets

Single pilot aircraft are gaining more popularity in air travel. Flying on a private jet is desirable because of the comfort and convenience it offers passengers. However, it is not always necessary to have the size or range of a business jet to get this experience.

Smaller aircraft in the light jets segment sometimes meet the needs of passengers, increasing the use of single pilot jets. Private jets offer the convenience of traveling to remote locales, avoiding travel restrictions, and traveling on one’s own terms. Single pilot private jets can attain all these factors just like business private jets.

Many passengers do not consider single pilot private jets because they are unaware of their potential. This article brings you to some of the best single pilot private jets currently in the market.

Why you should choose single pilot private jets

Only a single pilot private jet has the operational benefit of requiring only one pilot for full operations. A single pilot private jet is usually smaller than a business private jet. Additionally, a single pilot private jet has a lower range than a business jet that requires two pilots.

However, the tradeoff is worth it when one considers the versatility of single pilot private jets. There is a wide range of single pilot private jets that have a remarkable balance of speed, size, and range for a comprehensive experience. Moreover, some have spacious cabin space that is well suited for seating family members or multiple business partners.

single pilot jets: an aircraft stationed by a hangar.

People who desire to travel on their own terms, desire the ability to fly whenever, and like traveling to remote locales will appreciate the convenience of the smaller single pilot private jets. A single pilot private jet is cheaper, more economical to operate, and still offers the convenience of larger business jets.

Some other advantages include low maintenance costs, keeping operating costs low, small landing distance, fuel efficiency, and requiring only one pilot certified to operate without needing a second pilot. However, one may need fuel stops if flying private jets for a long distance.

Best single pilot business jets

A single pilot private jet offers the convenience of traveling regularly between two places without several travel restrictions. Below is a list of the best single pilot jets that are currently available in the market.

Cessna Citation M2

The Cessna Citation M2 is a reputable single pilot private jet. The jet is highly valued because it perfectly balances size and performance. The Cessna Citation M2 is the smallest jet of the Cessna family. But despite the small size, it does not compromise performance.

The jet has a maximum range of 1,550 nautical miles, offering it decent capability for traveling medium range distances. The Cessna Citation M2 can attain a top speed of 450 miles per hour. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 10,700 pounds and a maximum cruise speed of 404 knots.

The top speed makes it perfect for business meetings because it can allow one to travel fast and attend business meetings in a different location within a short time. Despite its small size, the Cessna Citation M2 can hold six passengers comfortably.

The aircraft has eight sizable windows. Moreover, it has a cabin management system and a cockpit synthetic vision that gives the pilot a good feel of the flying environment. Therefore, passengers on this jet light jet are bound to enjoy the comfort and savor their traveling experience.

Single pilot aircraft Cessna Citation.
Image source: (CC) Alf van Beem/Wikimedia

Cessna Citation CJ3+

The other aircraft in the Cessna family fit for single pilot air travel is the Cessna Citation CJ3+. This aircraft is a bit bigger than the Cessna Citation M2. Unlike the  Cessna Citation M2, which can only accommodate six passengers, the Cessna Citation CJ3+ can comfortably accommodate nine passengers.

It has a maximum cruise speed of 416 knots and a maximum takeoff weight of 13,870 pounds. To add, it has a better range than its sibling, as its maximum range is 2,040 nautical miles. Passengers seeking to travel longer distances or accommodate more passengers should go for the Cessna Citation CJ3+.

It is also slightly faster than the other aircraft in the Cessna Citation family, having a tip speed of approximately 480 miles per hour. The aircraft has a cozy interior that is fitted with multiple windows, adjustable club seating, an executive table, and interior finishing aimed at premium comfort. The Cessna Citation CJ3+ is a good choice for those looking for a premium travel experience in a single pilot private jet.

Cessna Citation Single pilot jets

Cirrus Vision

The Cirrus Vision jet is another single pilot private jet to consider. The Cirrus aircraft can reach a top speed of 345 miles per hour. The max speed makes the Vision jet a bit slower than the other single pilot private jets. It has one of the lowest ranges, with a maximum range of 1,275 nautical miles only.

However, these specifications make the Cirrus Vision a perfect fit for passengers looking for a jet experience but do not want to get very far. The Vision jet has an amazing head and shoulder room. The cabin is spacious, fitted with several windows, and has high-class materials for the comfort of its passengers.

Single pilot jets: Cirrus Vision in flight.
Image source: (CC) Markus Eigenheer/Wikimedia

One Aviation Eclipse 500

Another private jet that requires one pilot to operate is the One Aviation Eclipse 500. The Eclipse jet has been in operation since 2006, making it one of the most reliable single pilot private jets in the market.

The eclipse jet is one of the smallest single pilot private jets in the market. It can only accommodate five passengers comfortably, making it smaller than the other jets. Despite the small size, the One Aviation Eclipse 500 has a maximum range of 1,295 miles and a top speed of 425 miles per hour.

The Eclipse jet is a handy option for passengers who want to travel fast and enjoy the convenience of private jets.

One Aviation Eclipse 500.
Image source: (CC) Alan Radecki/Wikimedia

HondaJet HA-420

Some may be surprised to see Honda on this list since Honda is mostly known for manufacturing cars. However, the company has manufactured one of the most reliable single pilot rated aircraft in the market.

It is considered a very light jet compared to the others because of its weight. The HA-420 can travel a maximum range of 1,223 nautical miles. It attains a top speed of 483 miles per hour. Therefore, despite the low range, it is one of the fastest single pilot jets in the market currently.

For a jet its size, it is impressive that the HondaJet comes with a private lavatory. It is a well-designed aircraft for comfort that has a cabin designed to minimize noise. The HondaJet has the lowest seating capacity and can only accommodate four passengers. However, it is still one of the most luxurious private jets available.

HondaJet Ha 420 aircraft in flight.
Image source: © Sergey Ryabtsev

Beechcraft Premier 1A

The Raytheon Beechcraft Premier is considered one of the largest single pilot jets in the world. With the larger size, the Beechcraft Premier has a unique balance of comfort and performance. The aircraft can reach a top speed of 526 miles per hour.

Moreover, it has a maximum range of 1645 miles. The top speed and maximum range make the Beechcraft Premier one of the fastest single pilot private jets with an admirable range in the market. The aircraft has a roomy cabin that can comfortably accommodate six passengers.

Beechcraft Premier 1A taking off.
Image source: (CC) Kiefer/Flickr

Pilatus PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24 is a milestone setting private jet that requires just one pilot to fly. The aircraft is the largest single pilot jet in the world, making it one of the most remarkable of the larger jets.

Due to its size and performance levels, the Pilatus PC-24 is considered the first super versatile jet in the world. The aircraft can travel a maximum range of 2,000 nautical miles. Additionally, the Pilatus PC-24 can achieve a top speed of 506 miles per hour. That is why it is one of the fastest single pilot private jets with one of the longest ranges in the family.

Due to its large size, it has a spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate eleven passengers. The aircraft is also highly versatile and can also land on unpaved runways, making it suitable for traveling almost anywhere, unlike the jets that require a paved runway. The large cabin space, the long range, and the high top speed make the Pilatus PC-24 one of the most valued single pilot private jets in the world.  

Pilatus PC-24 flying over a mountain valley.
Image source: (CC) Stephan Widmer/Wikimedia

Embraer Phenom 100EV

Embraer is an industry leader in delivering well-constructed small aircraft. The Embraer Phenom 100EV fits this category perfectly. The aircraft falls in the category of small private jets. It has a maximum range of 1,092 nautical miles and a top speed of 470 miles per hour.

The aircraft is fast for its small size and makes it adaptable for fast travel on a private jet experience. However, the Embraer Phenom 100EV is overshadowed by the other single pilot private jet by the manufacturer, the Embraer Phenom 300E.

Single pilot jets: Embraer Phenom in flight.
Image source: © Alan Lebeda

Embraer Phenom 300E

The Embraer Phenom 300E is one of the fastest single pilot private jets at the moment, with a design for best in class performance. The aircraft can attain a staggering top speed of 610 miles per hour, an equivalent of Mach 0.80.

Additionally, it has a maximum range of 2,010, which is impressive for an aircraft in a light jet segment that requires only one pilot. Moreover, the Embraer Phenom 300E has a maximum cruise speed of 453 knots and a maximum takeoff weight of 18,387 pounds.

Not only is the Embraer Phenom 300E one of the fastest single pilot private jets, but it is also one of the single pilot private jets with the largest ranges.

Despite the amazing specifications, the aircraft does not compromise on the feel of being on a private jet. It has temperature control zones, a cockpit with plenty of legroom for pilots, and a noise-reduced cabin. 

Embraer Phenom 300E in flight.
Image source: © Aktug Ates

One for the future

The future of single pilot private jets looks promising with the Syberjet SJ30i. The aircraft is currently under construction, with the manufacturer aiming to make it the fastest and longest range among the light jets.

The manufacturer targets a top speed of 476 knots and a maximum range of 2,500 nautical miles. Therefore, the SyberJet will be the fastest and longest-range single pilot private jet. The aircraft will seat four passengers in the main cabin and one passenger in the cockpit, where the co-pilot seat usually is.

The aircraft will have a lavatory seat. Despite the failed attempts at commercial success in the past, the SyberJet has a good promise of making it this time around into the list of the best single pilot jets in the world.

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