Surging Aircraft Leasing Market Fuels High Demand for Expert Talents

Aircraft · 1 min read · May 29, 2023

The global aircraft leasing market, which has been on a steady rise for a number of years, is expected to surge to even greater heights in the coming decade. By 2029 the aircraft leasing market is estimated to reach the value of almost 300 billion USD, according to Statista. Many different factors contribute to this exponential growth, namely, the increasing demand for air travel and the implementation of cost cutting measures.

Aeroclass CEO, Jurgita Lukauskienė, considers aircraft leasing to be at the forefront of the current industry-wide effort towards sustainable and profitable operations, elaborating that “Leasing an aircraft instead of purchasing one offers several advantages, including increased financial liquidity, greater capacity flexibility, rapid expansion opportunities, fleet consistency, and reduced maintenance costs.”

In addition, Aeroclass instructor and professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Dr. Bijan Vasigh has noticed a trend among airlines across the world to opt for leasing rather than purchasing their aircrafts. He states that the aviation industry is serviced by several major leasing companies, which now hold a powerful position in aviation. Dr. Bijan Vasigh names the flexibility of aviation leasing as the most prominent contributing factor of the market surge, as it “enables airlines to adjust their fleet sizes based on demand and market conditions”.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the aircraft leasing market will exacerbate the workforce shortage currently plaguing the aviation industry. Since the preparation and training of competent professionals is costly and time-consuming, digital learning is a convenient alternative. Jurgita Lukauskienė discloses that Aeroclass is already seeing the effects of the popularity of aircraft leasing: “We have observed a surge in demand for our leasing-related courses, which cover a broad range of subjects including aircraft management, maintenance, finance, and legal matters.”

If you wish to explore the available video courses and virtual classes designed to upskill aviation leasing specialists and professionals wishing to learn more about this particular part of the industry, follow this link.

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