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what does mayday call mean

What Does Mayday Call Mean?

Pilots · 5 min read

If you are an ardent movie fanatic, an active reader, or a history enthusiast, you have heard the term mayday at least once in your lifetime.

Nov 08, 2022
airline pilot ranks

Airline Pilot Ranks: Stripes with Responsibility

Pilots · 4 min read

Being a pilot means accumulating countless hours of experience in the air, soaring to higher and higher altitudes, and earning epaulets and stripes for qualifications.

Oct 24, 2022
squawk 7500

Squawk 7500: How to Deal with Hijacking?

Pilots · 7 min read

Aviation operations require great communication to guarantee everything runs smoothly and safely. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is a vast terminology associated with aviation operations.

Oct 20, 2022
niner niner

Niner Niner: The Importance of Communication

Pilots · 7 min read

Aviation is a heavily regulated industry that has countless procedural and operational standards, a heap of different certifications, and, of course, specific aviation terms and slang. Needless to day, for an aviation outsider, much of the language used between the flight crew in the cockpit and the ATC tower, might sound like complete gibberish. In […]

Oct 13, 2022
Scud running

Scud Running: Should You Do It?

Pilots · 8 min read

In the world of aviation, there is a vast terminology for the many different aspects that are involved in flying. There is a wide variety of maneuvers pilots perform in the skies to sort different situations and make sure they reach the destination airport. Among them, there is one called scud running. There has been […]

Oct 04, 2022
adm in aviation

ADM in Aviation

Pilots · 4 min read

ADM stands for Aeronautical Decision Making in aviation. In other words, the acronym mainly refers to the series of steps pilots take to deal with a specific flight situation in order to guarantee safety. As it happens in many other environments, human factors play a critical role in aeronautical decision making since human error can […]

Sep 12, 2022
lost procedures aviation

Lost Procedures in Aviation

Pilots · 3 min read

Technology like GPS and advanced communications have helped improve air navigation, but aircraft can still get lost. As the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) describes on its website, the “realization” that the aircraft position is wrong does not happen instantly. It is more like a process of noticing that the expected references or checkpoints […]

Sep 12, 2022
degrees for pilots

Degrees for Pilots: Top 7 Choices

Pilots · 7 min read

There are various ways to become an airline pilot. Some pilots begin their aviation careers by earning an undergraduate aviation degree, while others may have pilot licenses, flight training programs, or certificates without any formal education in order to become a pilot.

Sep 08, 2022
pilot cover letter

Pilot Cover Letter Writing Tips

Pilots · 6 min read

Some say that a pilot's resume is the most important document they will ever submit when seeking a job in the aviation industry.

Sep 07, 2022
Frequency 121.5

Frequency 121.5: Why Is It Important to Monitor?

Pilots · 4 min read

Frequency 121.5 MHz, also known as the guard frequency, is a frequency reserved for civil aviation emergencies by the FAA. On the other hand, emergencies in military aviation are more often channeled through the 243 MHz frequency even though the 121.5 MHz can sometimes be used for similar purposes.

Aug 10, 2022
red eye flight meaning

Confusing Airplane Terms: Red Eye Flight Meaning

Pilots · 6 min read

Some people like to travel at night. They even take long drives around the city on empty streets because it soothes their soul.

Jul 29, 2022
touch and gos


Pilots · 6 min read

A ravenous eagle hunting a salmon on shallow water resembles an A380 touching the runway and climbing back to the sky.

Jul 29, 2022

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